Board of Directors

Danae Hordyk - 105 Timbuktu
Danae Hordyk, and her husband, Derrick, purchased 105 Timbuktu in 2020 after vacationing in Oroville for more than 17 years and growing to love the Veranda Beach community. They reside full-time in Bothell, Washington with their three children – Zander, age 10, who plays baseball, loves reading and art, is learning to wakeboard, and loves tubing; Ryder, age 8, who plays baseball and hockey, aspires to play for the Kraken…or at least in the NHL (and promises to share $5, $10, or $15 million with Mom and Dad one day!), tolerates school, and loves to play anything active; and Quinn, age 6, who loves to swim/tube/dance/sing, play mermaids and unicorns and all the girly things, and is excited to start kindergarten and try soccer in the fall. Danae grew up in the Seattle area, then attended Trinity Western University in Langley, BC for four years where she met Derrick (who grew up in White Rock, BC) and graduated with a BA in Communications. Danae and Derrick have been married for nearly 16 years, and while they have lived in the Seattle area, have spent lots of time in Victoria, and throughout the BC lower mainland and Okanagan visiting friends and relatives (and even made a trip to Calgary during Stampede!).

Danae is currently a stay-at-home mom, but in her prior life worked as an executive assistant to a team of more than 10 executives, including the CEO and CFO, at a real estate software company (later acquired by Trulia and Zillow). She was also the chair of the company’s FUN Committee!

Danae describes herself as a…
- “pretty good”: wife, mom, friend, grammar-corrector, organizer/planner, sports fan, wine-taster
- “decent”: hostess, cook, baker, cleaner, board/card game player
- “mediocre”: wakeboarder, skier, surfer, snowboarder, corn hole player
- “terrible”: runner, hiker, athlete, gardener, poker face

Danae and Derrick prioritize faith, family and friends (and fun), and are so thankful to raise their children with this “village” that is Veranda Beach. Danae hopes her participation on the HOA board will further grow HOA endeavors around (1) protecting the family-friendly nature of the community, (2) maximizing the value of its unique blend of ethnic, professional, generational, and geographic backgrounds, and (3) continuing its financial responsibility and accountability.
Greg Caldwell - 124 Barefoot
Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta the Caldwell family has been coming to Veranda since the summer of 2019. We had such a great time that we decided to purchase 124 Barefoot Lane in February of 2020 and have been thrilled with our decision to become part of the Veranda community. Greg is married to his lovely wife Kathryn and they have two children Bennett (8) and Emily (6). COVID has not made it easy however we have made every effort possible to be at our second home in Veranda and look forward to many more years of family fun at the lake.
Greg is a registered professional engineer and holds a CPA designation. He formally served as a condo board president for a 52-home development from 2009-2011.
Kiera Wright - 115 Barefoot
As I wrap up my 22nd year of teaching high school this week in western Washington, I look forward to the best perk of the profession…summer break! With that free time comes the enjoyment of making memories at our lake house here at Veranda Beach. We stumbled upon Veranda Beach when visiting friends two summers ago when they invited us to enjoy a week with them at their new lake house so that our boys, who are school mates, could kick off their summer break at the lake. It was love at first sight and by happenstance, a house three doors down was for sale and we placed an offer on it that weekend as we drove home! This lake house is our investment in the next nine summers that we will have as a family before our son heads off on his own after high school graduation with the hopes that he will bring his college buddies, future significant others, and his children here to enjoy all that is magical about Veranda Beach.
Our story is no different than many of yours as most homeowners discovered Veranda Beach as renters themselves or by visiting friends and that is my goal as a future HOA Board Member…protect the best part of all our collective family stories…the memories we make at Veranda Beach. There are three things to protect:
  1. Our investments into the homes and common spaces supported by economical saving and spending of the HOA assessments
  2. Maintaining the quality Veranda Beach experience for homeowners and renters by ensuring that approved rental agencies and the HOA enforce the CC&R’s and provide the safest and most rewarding experience to homeowners, guests, and each other
  3. Increase homeowner knowledge and approval of recommendations made by the HOA Board that tailors to homeowner expectations and wants as assigned in the By-Laws
I will protect our investments, maintain the concept of Veranda Beach that allows for growth and common sense, and communicate ideas and needs to homeowners as an HOA Board Member. My decades as an educator of high school Math, History, and Spanish here in Washington and previously in Michigan and Arizona have given me the skill set of implementing standards and providing scaffolds so that all stakeholders can access success on their individual path while working with different administrations, school systems, students, staff, parents, and communities. We as homeowners have a common expectation for our time at Veranda Beach. Individually we make our own memories that should not include hidden agendas, increased fees due to poor spending choices, and divisive motions and amendments that tear apart our community from the past actions of a few that bear nothing on the present or the future.
A singular vote for me, Kiera Wright, is a vote for a fresh voice advocating for transparency, fairness, and a sustainable future for the generations of Veranda Beach to come. I have joined the Finance Committee to learn about and be a voice of caution and reason for future spending and will continue that collaboration and teamwork as a Board member that is here to make memories with my family and yours.
Reg Esau - 125 Malarkey
My fellow VB community members – thank you for considering me for a board position and thank you to the past and present board members for their leadership of the Veranda Beach HOA.
My wife Pat and I are Canadians from Chilliwack BC and own a cottage located at 125 Malarkey. Our three married children and 9 grandchildren have enjoyed the VB amenities for the past 2 years - it is a special place.
My career included banking and 35 years in commercial property and liability insurance brokerage. Over the years, I have been involved in the leadership of a variety of Not-for-Profit organizations.
My potential board involvement will contribute to the well-being of the VB community in the following three ways:
  • Work diligently with 'All' VB stakeholders to provide additional amenities as prioritized by recent polling of the community.
  • Work towards enhanced security through increased 'risk mitigation' - primarily for potential fires
  • Work towards improved communication between 'All' VB stakeholders. Significant effort must be made to have buy-in and compromise to/with the changes that will continue to confront the community - this should bring harmony and enhance the experience of all who enjoy Veranda Beach.
Please do not hesitate to contact me by phone - 604-819-1313 or email
Susan Jobb - 101 Barefoot
My husband Stuart and I are the original owners of our cottage, purchasing in 2008. We have had the good fortune and pleasure of watching our children grow up at the beach forming great friendships that are flourishing to this day. Some of my fondest memories include sitting on the veranda watching my kids run through the green space showing me their purchase of penny candy at the store on their way to the outdoor movie. As well as watching the younger children decorate their bikes and join the bike parade sports day weekend.

We have made some great friends and love spending long weekends, summer and Christmas holidays at the beach. Stuart and I own and operate a dismantling and demobilization company that moves heavy equipment to our clients around the world. I also manage my own business as a brand ambassador for a health and wellness company. 

I have been on the board of our lacrosse club for 13 years and was team manager for Alberta’s Canada Summer Games Female Lacrosse team. For the past four years, I have served on the Veranda Beach Homeowners Finance Committee including seeing the reserve study completed. As the controller of our business for the last 20+ years, I bring sound and sensible financial decision making based on knowing how to prioritize between what is wanted, what is needed, what is necessary and finding a balance in reaching very important decisions.
If I am elected as an HOA Board Director:
  • I will work to protect the neighbourly and safe community Veranda Beach has become.
  • I am committed to maintaining the amenities and services we currently enjoy and to doing so cost effectively, keeping homeowner assessment increases to an absolute minimum.  
  • And I will advocate for homeowner inclusiveness in considering any significant proposed changes to the community’s CC&Rs or rules and regulations.  
  • Last but most importantly I will work to protect our investment while building on and enhancing the community spirit that I know we all share. 
Tyler Martyniuk - 104 Timbuktu
I guess you could say my wife Kris and I are second generation at the beach with her parents buying in the area in 2006 and her Aunt and Uncle buying in shortly thereafter right here at Veranda Beach. Veranda Beach has been the location for our holidays, family reunions, weddings, and endless memories ever since. I recall, years ago, walking our dog one evening around the community and discussing which cottage we might like to buy, and my wife said: I’d take any cottage that isn’t red. In 2019, we bought the red cottage on Timbuktu Lane.
Since being honorably discharged from the Canadian military in 2003 I have worked in the energy industry starting my own construction project management consulting business in 2015. My clients hire me because I have a verifiable track record of bringing projects to a safe and successful conclusion on time and on budget. I’ve been able to do this because I understand that more than anything, project management is about managing people. It’s bringing together a group of diverse people with differing perspectives and competing agendas to achieve a common goal. 

As an HOA board member, my goal is to support transitioning this community into its next phase. Veranda Beach has grown from the spark of a great idea into a mature community, and we now face mature community issues: sustainable growth, aging infrastructure, and maintaining services and amenities in the face of rising costs. I believe these are solvable issues that we must address to protect this community and our investments for the next generation. I also believe we need a review of our community’s policies, rules, and regulations, and once finalized, I believe we all need 
to commit to following them. Community works when we all commit to respectfully working together. As an HOA board member, I would work to facilitate this review, incorporating diverse perspectives from within the community.
Cynthea Yestal - 106 Shenanigan
My husband, Corey, and I have been owners at Veranda Beach, 106 Shenanigan Lane, since 2007. We have a 12 year old son, Cayden, who loves the VB life! We have seen a lot of changes over the years, but the one constant is the immense sense of community that comes with Veranda Beach ownership. It is that value of community that has compelled me to put my name forward for the HOA Board and continue to give back to a place that means so much to all of us.
With over 17 years of experience in the fundraising industry, I have a strong background in philanthropy, board governance, strategic planning, volunteer and staff engagement and enterprise risk management. Having spent over 10 years in senior leadership positions, I have led the development of strategic plans that have helped organizations achieve their targets and fulfill their missions. Additionally, I have held a staff role on an organization's board for five years, giving me perspective on governance and a deep understanding of board dynamics. Through my experience, I have learned the importance of building strong relationships with stakeholders and fostering a culture of collaboration and teamwork within an organization.

Volunteering and giving back to the communities in which I live is an important part of my life. I am currently serving in my third term as a board member for Kappa Alpha Theta Women’s Fraternity, which has 140 college chapters and over200 alumnae chapters across the United States and Canada. As a member of the board, I served on the Enterprise Risk Management Committee for four years, including two years as the committee chair. In this role I was responsible for identifying potential risks and developing mitigation strategies to ensure the sustainability and success of the organization.
I have been a member of the Veranda Beach HOA Architecture Committee since 2017 and have served as the committee chair since 2021.

My strength in building relationships has proven invaluable in my board roles, as it has allowed me to effectively build trust, respect and dependability with the teams I am a part of. I place great value on the input and experience of each team member, recognizing that diversity of thought, opinions and experiences are crucial for growth and success.

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